Serbian police operation against drug traffickers

NEWS 24.05.2018 16:35
Source: Shutterstock

The Serbian police launched an operation against drug traffickers, arresting more than 70 people and seizing firearms and drugs, the Internal Affairs Ministry (MUP) said on Thursday.

A total of 75 people were arrest and 129 counts of criminal charges were filed in the operation which covered the entire country, a statement said, adding that more than 83 kilograms of marijuana, heroin, cocain, amphetamines and extasy pills were seized.  

The police found two marijuana laboratories in Belgrade and Sombor and seized 13 rifles, 10 pistols and 287 rounds of ammunition were seized.  

 Others were arrested during the operation on charges of robbery, inflicting bodily harm, illegal sexual conduct and harrasment, torture and mistreatment as well as illegal border corssing, the MUP statement said.