RTS wants separate fees for mobile devices

NEWS 23.05.2018 22:35
Source: N1

The Serbian state radio TV (RTS) has raised re-broadcasting prices outside the country and wants to charge separate fees for rewind options and broadcasting on mobile and computer platforms in Serbia.

A representative of the United Group said no fees are charged anywhere in the world for mobile platforms and computers but the chairman of the RTS board Vladimir Vuletic told N1 that the governing body did not take any decision on new fees for mobile devices. He confirmed earlier that the board did not discuss higher prices for re-broadcasting outside Serbia.  

“All platforms in Europe are absolutely equal. Nowhere do we pay fees for mobile platforms,” N1 was told by United Group Vice-President Dragica Pilipovic.  

The RTS CEO confirmed in a letter to United Group that the Serbian public broadcaster wants to charge 0.09 Euro per user a month for mobile devices. “The RTS cannot accept the EON service as a simple multi-screen option for basic SBB distribution of our media services. The EON services is much more than that and has to be the subject of a separate contract which would include separate fees,” the letter said.  

“The RTS is telling us that we are governed by profits. No, you are governed by profits. How do you find a profit in something that the whole word provides for free,” Pilipovic said.