Serbia’s opposition leader: No reality in NATO perception

NEWS 23.05.2018 16:22
Source: N1

The former defense minister and ex-president of the Democratic Party (DS) Dragan Sutanovac said on Wednesday that Serbia remained the only country in the region which was not ready to accept the reality regarding NATO membership.

Addressing a conference on security held in Montenegro, he said Serbia still did not realise NATO significance for the county’s safety and defence.

Sutanovac said Serbia was surrounded by the countries which were NATO members or were close to joining the Alliance.

He remained the audience that during his mandate as the defence minister from 2007 to 2012, even the Serb entity in Bosnia, Republika Srpska, aspired to join NATO.

But, he said that since the current minister Aleksandar Vulin took over, the cooperation between Serbia and the US deteriorated.

“If you ask a majority of Serbs who they liked the most after the homeland, they will say Russia. But when you ask them where they would like to live, to have health insurance, where they would like their children to go to school, they will say somewhere in Western Europe or the States,” he said.

“In addition, people are not aware that until 2012 over six billion Euros came to Serbia from the US, EU Japan and Norway,” Sutanovac added.