Transparency: Endemic corruption in Serbia

NEWS 23.05.2018 15:42
Source: Shutterstock

Serbia continues to stagnate in fighting corruption, says a research by the Transparency Serbia supported by Anti-Corruption Agency on Wednesday.

The Transparency President Vladimir Goati told a conference in Belgrade that the Corruption Perception Index purely ranked Serbia.

“We are in the so-called endemic corruption zone,” Goati told the “Plans of integrity – between anti-corruption risks and anti-corruption practice” conference.

He said that one of the reasons for such a high level of corruption in the observed 2013-2017 period was the politically-dominated employment, adding that loyalty to a party “resists everything professional.”

The Transparency Programme Director Nemanja Nenadic said that 40 percent of the institutions did nothing to prevent a repetition of corruption incidents.

Zlatko Minic, a Transparency associate, said that  due to “the lack of sanctions and conspicuousness, the integrity plans remain stuck between the individual enthusiasm, the Agency capacity and help from civil society and media.”

The integrity plans consist of legal and practical measures for preventing and removing possibilities for corruption.

State institutions, local administrations, public services and public enterprises are legally obliged by the Law on Anti-Corruption Agency to make their integrity plans.