Macedonian offical: Relations with Belgrade friendly

NEWS 23.05.2018 12:55
Source: N1

The Speaker of the Macedonian Parliament Talat Xhaferi said on Wednesday that the relations between Skopje and Belgrade were friendly and at a satisfactory level of cooperation.

In an interview with N1 Belgrade, Xhaferi, who is in Belgrade on an official visit, confirmed that he still had an Albanian flag in his office.

„That flag in my office is not an Albanian state symbol. The Albanian flag is identified as a national flag of all Albanians, wherever they live,” he said, adding that “in that sense, the flag represents me as an ethnic Albanian, and not a state or institution.”

He denied he was a controversial personality as people were saying about him after being a coalition partner of the former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski while later switched the sides and supported a different politics.

“Our voters demanded us to support the majority,” he said, adding he was only fulfilling his obligations.

His election to the post in April 2017 caused chaos in the Parliament after the supporters of the nationalist VMRO-DPMNE party stormed the assembly in a protest.

Over a hundred people were injured, including 20 police officers and three MPs.

The leader of the Social-Democrats Zoran Zaev was among those injured.

His party supported Xhaferi’s election and a month later Zaev succeeded Gruevski as the Macedonian Prime Minister.