Kosovo Serb wanted by police becomes judge in Pristina

NEWS 23.05.2018 12:05
Source: N1

A Kosovo Serb, wanted by Belgrade and the Interpol was appointed a judge on the Constitutional Court in Pristina, the independent production Insajder has reported.

Radomir Laban, convicted of taking a bribe and sentenced to six years in jail by a Belgrade court disappeared from the grid before he was due to go to prison in 2013.

He was put on the Internet fugitive list upon the request by Serbia’s Justice Ministry in 2014.

Laban was due to serve the remaining part of the sentence after spending two years and four months in custody, but fail to appear, and Serbia’s security agencies later got informed about his whereabouts in Kosovo.

The Magistrate Court in central Serbia’s town of Kraljevo, in charge of Laban’s imprisonment, told the Insajder they contacted the Eulex, European legal institution in Kosovo, last year, demanding Laban’s arrest and a hand over to Serbia’s police.

Also, the court sent a request to the office of the European Union Special Representative to Kosovo, asking it to act following its jurisdiction and arrest Laban.

Belgrade Special Court for Organised Crime sentenced him and 21 members of the so-called “custom mafia” in a trial which started in 2006.

Laban, who worked in the Customs Intelligence Department, was accused of smuggling cigarettes, alcohol, home appliances and designer clothing.