Bosnia’s Serb leader: Unity with Serbia national idea

NEWS 22.05.2018 13:46
Source: N1

Milorad Dodik, the President of the Bosnian Serb entity, said on Tuesday that the unity of his Republika Srpska and neighbouring Serbia was a national idea of the 21st century.

He added that one of the things that should be said was that the unity of RS and Serbia should be achieved.

He was speaking in Banja Luka, the entity’s capital, at the opening of the International Conference on Jasenovac (the Croatian Ustashas’ concentration camp during the World War II).

“As much as somebody doesn’t like it, or may be offended by it, it is the Serbian national idea of this century, not of this or the next year. It raises many eyebrows, but that is our historic right,” Dodik said.

He added that he wanted to see that happening, but that it might not be the case in his lifetime, though he believed it would eventually.

Dodik has been persistent in saying that his entity and Serbia should be a joint state, regardless of Belgrade’s officials say it would always honour the 1995 Dayton Agreement, which stopped the war in Bosnia and divided the country into two entities, Bosnia’s Federation comprising Bosnian Croats’ and Bosniaks’ dominated territories, and Serb dominated RS.

Dodik maintains that the Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina is not a functional state. He finds allies in some Bosnia’s Croat officials who would in fact like to form the third entity, dominated by them since they see it unfair that the Serbs have one and they don’t.

Dodik and Bosnia’s Croat leader Dragan Covic said earlier this month they would join forces after the three-member Presidency election in October in which both of them said they would take part.

The international community which has been playing a dominant role in post-war country and remains there to preserve the Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina.