Trivan: Experts research NATO bombing consequences

NEWS 19.05.2018 15:30
Source: Tanjug/Dragan Kujundžić

Serbian Minister for Environmental Protection, Goran Trivan, said a Coordination Body within his ministry will conduct the expert part of the research into the consequences of the 1999 NATO bombing of Serbia to the environment.

Trivan told Radio-Television of Serbia that the Coordination Body, in which the Defence and Health Ministries also participate, was formed a few months ago and is composed of experts, scientists and university professors, while the Parliament-formed commission, tasked with investigating health and environment consequences of the bombing, will have other aspects.

Those two bodies will complement each other, the Minister said, and Serbia’s Parliament will “have the opportunity to make some decisions which the expert body cannot do, but will help with.”

When the Coordination Body starts operating in its full capacity, it will try to find a way to conduct necessary research in Kosovo and Metohija, as the remediation process has not been conducted there.

“We will propose this to be done because we think we owe it to the citizens living in Kosovo and Metohija,” Trivan said.