Attack on KFOR is attack on NATO, general warns

NEWS 07.05.2018 16:06

KFOR commander Italian General Salvatore Cuoci warned on Monday that any attack on forces under his command across Kosovo is an attack on NATO.

“KFOR is NATO and while KFOR is here every aggression (against Kosovo) will be aggression against KFOR and NATO,” Cuoci said in an interview to Pristina daily newspaper Zeri.

The general said he sees no real threat from Russia against Kosovo despite what he said are Moscow’s attempts to exert political influence. KFOR is prepared to help the Kosovo authorities arrest war crimes suspects once the Special Chambers tribunal in the Hague issues indictments against ranking officers of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

 The general said forces under his command will provide security in cases when the Kosovo Police can’t control the situation during arrests, protests and similar. “We are prepared to act in those situations because that is part of our mission,” General Cuoci said.

General Cuoci said the idea of an exchange of territories between Kosovo and Serbia means “a return to the 1990s”. “That means a return to the situation of 20-25 years ago and I do not think that is acceptable for the stability of the region,” the KFOR commander said.