Few Serbs left in Kosovo, Serbian church elder warns

NEWS 30.04.2018 08:57
Source: FoNet/ Aleksandar Barda

Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) head Patriarch Irinej warned of the small number of Serbs left in Kosovo.

Speaking at the Patriarch’s seat in the Kosovo town of Pec, Irinej said the biggest problem for Serbia in regard to Kosovo was the small number of Serbs.  

“There are just a few dozen Serbs left in Prizren, the situation is similar in Pristina, Pec, Urosevac, Djakovica… The expelled have little desire to return to their homes and the ones who do have no place to return to because their houses and properties have been destroyed or taken away. The most important thing now is to enable the survival and life of the ones who stayed in Kosovo,” the Patriarch said adding that “Kosovo has been under occupation for a long time” but that more should be done to bring expelled Serbs back.  

Irinej is in Pec for the start of the spring session of the governing body of the SPC, the Holy Synod of Bishops. The session opens in Pec but continues at the Patriarch’s Palace in Belgrade on May 1.