Crush crime, Minister Stefanovic says

NEWS 17.04.2018 14:36
Source: Tanjug/MUP Srbije

The police has to crush crime with an iron fist, Serbian Internal Affairs Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic said on Tuesday

 Organized crime groups in southeastern Europe have been earning more than a billion Dollars and the police in the region has to be ready to “crush crime with an iron fist”, Stefanovic said at a conference on organized crime in the Balkans.

He said intensive international police cooperation is crucial in combatting the smuggling of narcotics and weapons and trafficking human beings, warning that those criminal activities were used to finance terrorism.

“Serbia is prepared to cooperate with the police in the region and the world to combat all forms of crime. We have demonstrated the importance of trust built up over time between police officers and how important their exchange of information is to efficiency in operations,” the Serbian Internal Affairs Minister said.

Stefanovic told a news conference with his Austrian counterpart Herbert Kikel and that cooperation between the police in their two countries was good and resulted in a large number of arrests and seizure of drugs. “We want to provide support to other in the region through a strong police network,”Stefanovic said.