Serbia not ready for EU data protection directive

NEWS 17.04.2018 11:09
Source: N1

Serbia is not ready to implement the European Union Data Protection Directive, the country’s Personal Data Protection Commissioner Rodoljub Sabic warned on Tuesday.

“That directive will become relevant for all citizens and companies. No one operating on the European market should be under the illusion that the EU just proclaims rules, it has instruments and ways to impose sanctions for violations of directives,” Sabic told a conference on the Data Protection Directive whose implementation is due to begin on May 25 this year.

The Commissioner warned that “violations of the right to privacy and abuse of personal data are not viewed as serious crimes” in Serbia, adding that reactions to those violations are “mild” and often do not include sanctions.

“We in Serbia have tried to follow the trends in personal data protection but unfortunately not well or fast enough,” Sabic said. “This directive sets a new standard, a new quality in Europe and Serbia will have to harmonize its regulations with it,” he said.