No incident a day later, Kosovo PM Says

NEWS 17.04.2018 09:33
Source: DW

Serbian official Marko Djuric would not have been arrested if he came to Kosovo a day later, Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said.

Haradinaj told the Hepi TV station that he knew the head of the Serbian Government Office for Kosovo could be arrested but didn’t think he was due in Kosovo till a day after the incident in Mitrovica on March 26.

“I tried to ask him to wait till the next day and if he had everything would have been alright. He came to Kosovo for Easter and everything was alright,” the Kosovo Prime Minister said. “It was a strage and akward situation,” he said adding that the mistake was made by Djuric and Serbia.

Djuric was arrested by a Kosovo police special unit at a round table in Mitrovica on March 26. The Kosovo government expelled him claiming that he did not follow procedures and was late in notifying Pristina about his planned visiti. NATO sources told the Beta news agency that Djuric sent the notification to Pristina after working hours on a Friday.