More sincerity and transparency needed between EU and WB

NEWS 16.04.2018 20:11
Source: N1

European Fund for the Balkans (EFB) has presented the “Declaration on European partnership” with the region at a gathering in Belgrade, marking the Fund's 10th anniversary.

  The document insists on new directions of the European-Western Balkans partnership, including “more sincerity and transparency with a focus on democratic transformation”.

The authors of the Declaration called for the re-definition of the Balkans as a region integrated into the EU which as such could consolidate its democratic, social and economic development with those of the EU member states.

The document also said that the rule of law, responsible administration, freedom of speech, gender equality and clear division of powers were key pre-conditions for the EU membership that would at the same time contribute to the democratic transformation of the Balkans.

The authors added that the European Commission Strategy on the Western Balkans Enlargement should be transformed into “intensified cooperation with regional governments and societies”.

At the same time, they suggested that the regional leaderships should “restore their credibility by really committing themselves to changes”.