Kosovo to get new highway

NEWS 16.04.2018 09:50
Source: N1

Kosovo’s Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj attended a ceremony to launch the construction of a highway linking Pristina to a border crossing with Serbia proper.

Haradinaj said the new road from the capital Pristina to the Bela Zemlja border crossing near the southern Serbian town of Bujanovac would link “Albanians, the economy and their emotions”.

Bujanovac is one of the towns in southern Serbia which have large Albanian populations.

The Prime Minister said seven Kosovo cities and towns would be linked by a network of highways by the year 2023.

The highway from Pristina to Bela Zemlja will link the town of Gnjilane with other places in Kosovo and with the international Corridor 10 road network. The 22.6 kilometres of highway are expected to be finished within a period of 30 months.