Offical quits ruling coalition under pressure over airport

Source: N1

The dispute over the Nis city airport has claimed its first casualty as a councilwoman quit the ruling coalition.

Councilwoman Jelena Djordjevic quit the ruling coalition claiming she was under pressure to vote to hand ownership of the city airport to the Serbian government. Djordjevic was a member of the United Serbia party.  

The city assembly member said she had received threats and was under pressure but refused to provide details.   Djordjevic said she wanted the public to know that she “does not want to be part of the current mayor’s party machinery”.  

The Nis city authorities, headed by Mayor Darko Bulatovic, said they would hand ownership of the city’s Konstantin Veliki airport to the government, drawing fierce reactions from local residents opposed to the decision which has to be confirmed by the city assembly.  

The city authorities said the decision was taken because of a debt money which they can’t repay under a contract to develop the airport.