Opposition leader: serious work on common ground

NEWS 11.04.2018 12:46
Source: Fonet

Founding joint platform for the opposition work in future is serious job with a number of participants and suggestions, Saša Janković, the leader of the free Citozens’ Movement (PSG) told N1 television on Wednesday (April 11).

He added that neither of the ideas put forward so far was satisfactory for all those involved.

“Dragan Đilas made a proposal, but it is not the only one at the table,” Jankovic said referring to another leader’s idea about opposition joining forces in Serbia.

He added that the work on common ground was extremely weighty. “The expectations from our agreement are huge and we want to do it properly so that Serbia’s citizens are not disappointed. We want to avoid yet another bed time story.”

Janković, who was a runner-up in the last Serbia’s presidential election, supported by a few opposition parties, said that although there were a number of ideas on how to get together, he would not comment on them.

“When we get the deal which we all will be satisfied with and when we get that job properly done, we will inform Serbia’s citizens about it, about the deal which is essential and will guarantee them a better life, freedom and justice in Serbia,” Jankovic said.

Asked about his stand toward Kosovo and the agreement Belgrade and Pristina were struggling about, Jankovic said he would never signed the recognition of Kosovo independence, but added that de facto Kosovo was independent since Belgrade lost any control over it in 1999.

Janković added he would not prevent Pristina from joining international institutions. “That is PSG policy – facing reality and take care about people”.