A1 misleads its users about the reasons for shutting down N1 television

NEWS 26.03.2021 12:23
Source: N1

We hereby invite A1 to publicly show the official back-and-forth on the negotiations to continue airing N1 television.

Let them show – to their users, to viewers of N1 television, and the public at large – its true intentions. And these constitute not only an attempt to eliminate the best-viewed cable channel in their offer from the market but also to blackmail into accepting conditions whose sole goal is destroying N1 television.

A1 never had the intention to negotiate. They issued an ultimatum trying to impose a price of 0.75 kunas to air a news channel that produces 13 hours of live programming for its viewers in Croatia.

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We invite A1 users to look at the monthly bills they pay more closely. They should compare that bill with the price of 0.75 kunas, which A1 demanded in an ultimatum as the “market” price for continuing to carry N1.

Because of users, because of its viewers, N1 accepted that price. We said this publicly and we still stand by this – we are ready to give our programming either for free, or for the price of 0.75 kunas, for a predetermined period of 6 months, until the Croatian law on electronic media changes, or until a new tender for broadcasting licenses opens.