Lawyer apologizes for threats after giving statement to police

English 30.12.2020 22:49
Izvor: N1

The lawyer who made threatening remarks to N1 TV reporter Jelena Zoric denied her claims and apologized after giving a statement to the police on Wednesday.

Lawyer Svetislav Bojic rejected as “incorrect and ill-intentioned” reports on N1 TV that he threatened Zoric over her reporting on the Jovanjica marijuana farm case and his client, defendant Predrag Kovilj.

Zoric reported Bojic to the police for making threatening remarks in front of the courthouse on two separate occassions.

He confirmed that he spoke to Zoric on December 28 and 29 in front of the Special Court building. He said that he tried to explain that Koluvija is a good man who prays to God for everyone, even the people who arrested him and Zoric whose reporting he follows and believes it to be entirely appropriate.

Bojic said that he responded immediately to a police summons and gave a statement. He said that he explained the incidents and offered Zoric an apology if she felt threatened in any way, adding that his client is the last person on Earth who would put anyone in danger.


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