Internet Workers Association protest order to pay back taxes

English 30.12.2020 21:28
Izvor: n1

The Internet Workers Association staged a gathering on Wednesday in front of the Serbian government and Finance Ministry to protest the actions of the Tax Authority and silence of the government.

They said that the government is ignoring their call for talks to resolve the problem of taxes for people earning a living on the Internet. The Serbian authorities decided to impose high tax rates for people earning a living online which critics say is inappropriate and unfair because they do not get the same health and pension benefits as other Serbian nationals. The authorities also want to charge them for taxes retroactively.

The Association wants the Tax Authority to stop issuing tax return forms for five years of back taxes. The protesters said that some 2,000 people had received the tax return forms ordering them to pay taxes from 2015 onwards, adding that the documents were being sent because of a statute of limitations which would free them from paying the 2015 taxes.

Protest organizers said that they would continue pressuring the government to negotiate with them. According to the protesters, banks are obliged to report any foreign currency payments from abroad which they did and the authorities deliberately waited so that they could charge interest. One of the protesters said that the majority of them earn up to 500 Euro a month with their income varying from month to month. He added that none of them have the money to pay the back taxes all at once.


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