Dacic: Inter-party dialogue can’t replace elections

English 04.01.2021 09:42
Tanjug / Rade Prelić

Serbian Parliament Speaker Ivica Dacic said that the dialogue between the authorities and the opposition can’t replace elections.

He told Monday’s issue of Belgrade daily Blic that anyone who expects that dialogue on election conditions to replace the elections or even parliament and create a transitional government or replace the authorities should not take part in the talks.

The topics for the dialogue have to be defined and they can’t step out of the framework of the election conditions, Dacic said prior to talks with European Parliament mediators on a new round of the dialogue which was launched in 2019 in an effort to improve election conditions.

“I won’t allow any conditions or a mockery of democracy and parliament. This is a secondary job for us. Parliament has a lot of its regular duties,” Dacic said.