US diplomat: Belgrade-Pristina mutual recognition best move

US diplomat: Belgrade-Pristina mutual recognition best move Izvor: N1

Former US ambassador to Serbia, now the CEO & President of The EastWest Institute, told N1 on Thursday that the best solution for both Belgrade and Pristina would be their mutual recognition, adding he was surprised with Serbia’s authorities reaction to current Washington envoy’s statement that for his country Kosovo was an independent state.

Kyle Scott said on Tuesday that Kosovo was not the so-called state, but the recognised country, provoking fierce reactions by some Belgrade officials.

"As ambassador Scott said, it is nothing new. That’s the US stand about a real state, as Serbia is a real state,” Cameron Phelps Munter, who served as the US envoy in Serbia during Kosovo’s declaration on independence in 2008.

"The best solution is that independent Kosovo and independent Serbia learn to work with each other,” he told N1.

Look here for the whole interview:

Izvor: N1

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