Six Kosovo ministers under indictment

Six Kosovo ministers under indictment Izvor: N1
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Indictments have been filed against six of the 22 ministers in the Kosovo government, the Beta news agency reported on Friday adding that they have been charged with illegal arms possession, embezzlement and illegal hiring.

The crimes were not committed during the current government’s term in office, the agency said.  

Charges have been filed against Deputy Prime Minister Dardan Gashi, Trade and Industry Minister Endrit Shala, Infrastructure Minister Pala Lekaj, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minister Besim Beqaj and Security Forces Minister Rustem Berisha.  

Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said earlier that the parties in the ruling coalition decide on cabinet appointments.

The head of the European Union office in Kosovo Nataliya Apostolova has called for the removal from office of the indicted ministers. She also called for the introduction of a law which would ban any indicted person from public office.

Under existing laws, indicted persons cannot hold public office until their case is resolved in court.

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