Stricter punishment for Serbian school children

Stricter punishment for Serbian school children Izvor: N1

The Serbian Education Ministry has introduced punishment for all forms of violence in schools as well as for the use of drugs, alcohol or cigarettes, Belgrade daily newspaper Vecernje Novosti reported on Wednesday.

Under the new rules, students caught bringing drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, weapons or firecrackers to class, posing danger to other students and teachers and found engaging in acts of violence on school grounds will receive warnings and demerits and be ordered to perform community service or humanitarian activities for no longer than 45 minutes up to 16 times a month.

If students refuse community service, their parents will be held accountable. “Under the law on the education system, parents have to take active part in all forms of education. If they do not, the school files a motion for misdemeanour or criminal proceedings, ministry sources told the daily.

Punishment is also set for cutting classes, using mobile phones during class, copying from other students, altering grades and destroying school property. Students will be ordered to clean classrooms, libraries and help with the maintenance of school facilities.

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