Serbian official laughs over Kosovo birth rate question

Serbian official laughs over Kosovo birth rate question Izvor: tweeter/@markodjuric

Serbian government Office for Kosovo chief Marko Djuric on Tuesday shared a video of a 2015 interview which shows him laughing after a question about the birth rate among Kosovo Serbs.

Earlier, social network users shared the raw footage of Djuric’s 2015 interview to the Slobodno Srpski (Freely Serbian) show in which he laughs after being asked about the birth rates in Serb-populated Kosovo towns. The footage has not been aired to date.

In the video, Djuric tells Kosovo Serb journalist Budimir Nicic that more babies will be born in Kosovska Mitrovica. “I think 100 babies more than last year,” he says and is asked by Nicic how he knows. “I was there,” Djuric answers, making Nicic laugh. Djuric breaks out laughing when he realizes what he said and sees everyone else in the studio laughing.

Social network users in both Serbia and Kosovo shared the video with both fierce criticism and mocking comments.

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