Kosovo police deny injuring Nis mayor

Kosovo police deny injuring Nis mayor Izvor: Južne vesti, arhiva

The Kosovo Police Service (KPS) denied having arrested and injured the Mayor of the southern Serbian city of Nis Darko Bulatovic at a border crossing as reported by some Serbian media on Sunday.

“The Mayor of Nis drove past a column of waiting vehicles at the Merdare crossing. The police officers on duty were regulating traffic at the crossing and stopped him but he refused to turn back. He refused to go back to his place in the column a second time and he was handcuffed by police officers who did not know who he was,” a KPS statement said.  

It added that Bulatovic was brought before a judge who ordered him to pay a fine of 150 Euros before he was freed.  

“He was not reported to have been injured. The whole thing happened in the KPS station in Podujevo in line with legal procedures. Any other information, including what kurir.rs said, is speculation and not true,” the KPS said.

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