Serbia’s official: Stop ignoring abductions of journalists

Serbia’s official: Stop ignoring abductions of journalists Izvor: Tanjug / Rade Prelić

The head of Serbia’s Government Office for Kosovo said on Monday that the failure of Pristina’s judiciary to solve the case of two missing Serb journalists for 20 years was a significant obstacle to a lasting peace and building of mutual trust, the Beta news agency reported.

Marko Djuric referred to the Radio Pristina journalists Duro Slavuj and Ranko Perenic who went missing on August 21 1998, after an assignment in the western Kosovo, where they planned to interview monks who were released from the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) captivity.

“The fact that the extremists every year destroy a plaque which the fellow journalists put up in memory of the missing colleagues proves that an ideology of evil still lives in Kosovo and that the society there is far from creating a culture of respect for innocent victims,” Djuric said.

He called on Kosovo judiciary and the international institutions in Pristina not to turn a blind eye to the shameful history parts and to, in the name of humanity and future, stop ignoring and hushing up the cases of abductions and murders of the citizens.

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