RTK: Kosovo Serbs applying for police jobs

RTK: Kosovo Serbs applying for police jobs Izvor: N1
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Serbs are showing an increasing interest in joining the Kosovo police, the Kosovo state TV (RTK) reported on its web site on Monday.

According to Internal Affairs Minister Bejtush Gashi, more than 800 Serbs have expressed an interest in joining the police, including 432 from the 4 mainly-Serb populated municipalities in the north of Kosovo, The RTK said. Gashi said that the number is higher than expected.  

Serbian analyst Ljubomir Stanojkovic told the RTK that one of the reasons for the increased interest to join the police is a lack of job security. “It is difficult to find a job, you can’t be sure how long you will have a job in the private sector so everyone is doing it try to work in the public sector. And one of the most sought-after jobs, which is more attractive and interesting and certainly more acceptable to young people, especially the Serb community, is the Kosovo Police," he said.  

Kosovo Serb political leader Nenad Rasic is quoted as saying that there is pressure to remove Serbs from the Kosovo Security Forces and replace them with Serbs from northern Kosovo, adding that he thinks that this is because Serbs in southern Kosovo are viewed as a problem by both Belgrade and Pristina.  

RTK quoted Plator Avdiu of the Kosovo Security Studies Centre who said that political developments, such as the forming of a regional police directorate in northern Kosovo, have led to an easier integration of Kosovo Serbs into the police than into other institutions. According to Avdiu, Kosovo institutions are open to all communities which is probably the main reason for the interest of the Serbs in the Kosovo Police.

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