Missing babies' commission member gets police protection

Missing babies' commission member gets police protection Izvor: Pixabay. com

A member of the Government's Commission for investigation of state authorities’ procedures in the case of reported missing babies in Serbia, Radisa Pavlovic from Kragujevac, was given a 24-hour police protection.

Pavlovic, who is also the Head of the “Truth and Justice for Babies” Association told BETA agency that he was under police protection from Saturday morning, ordered by the Public Prosecutor, due to increased death threats he keeps getting and due to cases of car sabotage.

He confirmed that death threats became more frequent after the Association intensified its activities on solving the cases of missing children and finding the perpetrators, which resulted in some "very specific findings."

"We've found some evidence which gives us reason for suspicion that some individuals from the State Security Administration of the former state could be involved in the disappearance of children," Pavlovic stressed.

He also added that he stands by his claim that the State Security Administration from the former communist regime has the data for more than 50 percent of allegedly kidnapped babies in Serbia.

According to him, the goal of their activities is to find the individuals responsible for the disappearance of babies and to make them answer for their crime, which is the alleged kidnapping and sale of babies.

He claims that some 2,000 people from Kragujevac contacted their Association with reports of the disappearance of babies.

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