Serbia’s Vucic in Kosovo about his plan on September 9

Serbia’s Vucic in Kosovo about his plan on September 9 Izvor: N1

A Kosovo Serb leader said on Friday that Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic would present his plan for Kosovo solution in September, after the consultation with the Serb List party there, the Beta news agency reported.

Goran Rakic, the president of the List, backed by Belgrade, told the Pink television that Vucic always consulted with them, adding the president was trying to secure the solution which would guarantee a better and safer life to the Kosovo Serbs. 

Vucic said he would go to Kosovo on September 9. He is scheduled to meet his Kosovo counterpart Hashim Thaci in Brussels early that month in a new round of the Belgrade – Pristina dialogue which many expected to be crucial for further negotiations.

Vucic promised to make his plan public in April, but postponed it, saying there was nothing to say at the time.

“Any division or separation means nothing if they do not secure a better and safer life to the Serbs,” Rakic, who is also the Mayor of the Northern Mitrovica, added.

Vucic has repeatedly said that Serbia has to separate from the Albanians to preserve its nations. But he has not explained what that term would mean in practice except that the Serbs in Kosovo "will have more than they have now."

Pristina, however, insists there will not be any partition of Kosovo, but says it will demand the border correction to include the annexation of Serbia’s southern region of Presevo Valley, mostly populated by ethnic Albanians, “if the two sides agree,” as Thaci has said.

The international community says it is against any border changes, fearing a domino effect in the region and beyond, with some representatives adding that it is up to Belgrade and Pristina to reach a deal, while the European Union’s role is only to facilitate and mediate the negotiations.

The US embassy in Pristina reaffirmed that but warned that they (Pristina and Belgrade) would not have unlimited freedom while searching for a solution.

It did not explain further but added that “Kosovo and Serbia should reach "an agreement which is viable, sustainable and does not create instability in any country in the region."

The embassy said it did not want to take part in a debate on hypothetical elements of a solution, in an apparent reference to different ideas from Pristina and Belgrade which included a separation, border changes and alike.

In the meantime, some Serb experts have said that the exchange of territories, four Serb-dominated municipalities in the Kosovo north for Serbia’s southern borough of Presevo, will be a fair deal.

The Presevo Mayor, however, said that if the other two municipalities from the region of Presevo Valley, Bujanovac and Medvedja, were not also to become a part of Kosovo, Presevo would not either.

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