The Stranglers at Belgrade Beer Festival

The Stranglers at Belgrade Beer Festival Izvor: N1

British new wave band The Stranglers is in Belgrade for a second performance, this time at the Serbian capital’s traditional Beer Fest.

The band played its first concert in Serbia at Belgrade’s Hala Sportova almost 15 years ago.  

The band told a news conference before their concert that they like travelling to various countries to feel their pulse and use it as inspiration for new songs.  

Bass player Jean Jacques Burnel, who has been with the band since it started in the 1970s, said that this is a time of populist rulers in the world, adding that Serbia is not lagging behind that trend.  

“I think it’s important to understand the political situation in every country that we play, otherwise we would be living in a vacuum in which we can’t experience anything or hear the opinions of ordinary people,” Burnel said.  

Asked about Serbia, he said: “We heard that you have a president who meddles in everything and does not know much about everything and that he’s very popular with one section of society and very unpopular with another which is the same situation as everywhere in the world”.

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Greška! Ovo je njihov 3. koncert u Beogradu. Prvi je bio 1990. u SKC-u.

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