Journalist: History in Serbia repeats as tragedy or farce

Journalist: History in Serbia repeats as tragedy or farce Izvor: N1

One of the main characteristics of Serbia's politics is that it cannot function without an enemy, Vukasin Obradovic, an independent journalist told N1 on Thursday.

 "Whether it is the international community, or Kosovo Albanians, Croatia, opposition, own party’s members, doesn’t matter. That’s the endless politics based on 'everyone is against us, but we stand firm and won’t give up' mantra," he said.

Obradovic added that the aim was the strengthening of President Aleksandar Vucic’s position for gathering support which would be needed in the next period for the solutions that, he said, would probably not be in everybody’s favour.

“That is a political spin with an aim to secure an absolute backing for any solution," Obradovic, a former head of the Union of Independent Journalists of Serbia (NUNS) said.

Referring to the statements of support that Kosovo Serbs’ politicians sent to Vucic, Obradovic said that "the history repeats itself here, sometimes as a tragedy, sometimes as a farce."

"In (ex Serbia’s strongman Slobodan) Milosevic’s time, we had many situations where people spontaneously addressed the president. We have already seen that scenario which looks like a parody,” Obradovic said, adding Vucic had "enough backing without such expressions, without telegrams."

Speaking about the future of the dialogue with Kosovo, Obradovic said that “the whole week passed in great confusion."

"We have a vocabulary of different terms like separation, demarcation, partition, while there is no explanation what any of them means. Instead, we have an angry tone at everyone who does not declare themselves about something they do not know what it stands for," he added.

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