Oil cheaper, fuel in Serbia never more expensive

Oil cheaper, fuel in Serbia never more expensive Izvor: N1

Two months ago, the drivers in Serbia blocked the roads and main intersections in a protest over fuel prices that rose despite the oil costs went down on the world market, N1 reported.

From April till June, when the drivers’ protest started, the prices of those two kinds of fuel went up 10 dinars or 0.085 Euros per litre.

President Aleksandar Vucic promised in June that “after this (the protest) end, we will see what we can do about diesel (price). And you know that when I say something, that will be done.”

Until now, nothing has been done and the respective ministries have not reacted either.

On the contrary, since the beginning of August fuel prices went up to 1.31 Euros per litre of  Euro Premium  and 1.63 Euros per litre of diesel. The state’s part is some 50 percent in the fuel prices.

In Croatia, Euro Premium costs 1,42 and diesel 1.33 Euros.

By comparison, an average salary in Serbia is less than 500 Euros a month, while in Croatia it is 835 Euros.

Petrol stations in Serbia have the same prices regardless of the suppliers. The distributors say there is not enough competition although there are eight different distributors, the members of the Association of Oil Companies in Serbia (EKO, Mol, OMV, Mitan Oil, Lukoil, Naftachem, Europetrol and VML Energy), and the NIS, with a majority stake owned by the Russian Gazprom Energy, as an observer.

Nebojsa Atanackovic, the chief manager of the Nafta A.D. company, said that the suppliers’ excuse for raising the prices would probably be that they were still selling the fuel bought when it was more expensive and that the cost would go down with new, cheaper supplies.

“Whether that will happen remains to be seen,” he said.

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