Domestic violence claims 32 lives in Serbia in 2018

Domestic violence claims 32 lives in Serbia in 2018 Izvor: N1
Domestic violence

Since the beginning of the year, 25 women and seven men were killed in domestic violence, the Politika daily reported on Wednesday.

Biljana Popovic, the state secretary in the Interior Ministry, called on the victims of that crime and any witlessness to anonymously report every case to the police.

“It is alarming that only five out of 25 murdered killed women have reported previous violence before the murder,” she told the daily.

Popovic added that such cases should be reported “since the police cannot be on duty outside the houses and wait for something to happen.”

In 2017, 29 women and two children died in domestic violence cases, a majority of which happened in public places, while a year ago there were 36 victims of the same crime.

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