Serbia’s Vucic: No deal with Pristina in three months

Serbia’s Vucic: No deal with Pristina in three months Izvor: N1

Aleksandar Vucic, the President of Serbia, told reporters on Tuesday that in the next two-three months there would not be any agreement with Pristina.

Speaking during a visit to the Military-Technical Institute “Zarkovo” in Belgrade, Vucic said that the next meeting with his Kosovo counterpart Hashim Thaci in Brussels in September would be interesting, “to see where we are after everything.”

But, he added, he was a bit disappointed with the society’s reactions (by some opposition leaders, a church elder and comments on social networks) regarding the German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement that there would not be changes of borders in the Balkans.

Vucic said that Merkel had been saying the same thing for ten years and that he heard that from her 5,000 times since she had never changed that stance.“But I’ll continue to fight for Kosovo.”

“She said no to border change, but she had partitioned us in a way that Kosovo is separated from Serbia, that the whole of Kosovo is an independent state,” Vucic said. He added that “all of them (the international leaders) consider Kosovo as a whole, indivisible, sovereign and belonging to the Albanians. From their point of view, that’s a done deal.”

“This (the dialogue with Pristina) will last longer than many have planned, and you can forget that it would end in two-three months,” Vucic said.

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