Official: Belgrade-Pristina technical talks clinically dead

Official: Belgrade-Pristina technical talks clinically dead Izvor: Printskrin/Youtube/Tribuna Channel

The head of the Pristina delegation in the technical talks with Belgrade said on Tuesday that a dialogue was in a coma, blaming Brussels and Belgrade for its clinical death, the Beta news agency reported.

Avni Arifi additionally blamed Belgrade that “instead of implementing the agreed deals it leads to their degeneration.”

“As far as the technical part of the dialogue that I am in charge of is concerned, I can say it’s clinically dead,” Arifi said.

Regarding the political part, Arifi said that Kosovo’s government would not allow the changes of borders.

Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci speaks about border’s correction but says that includes the secession of Serbia’s southern region Presevo Valley, mostly populated by the ethnic Albanians, and it's joining Kosovo.

Arifi said that the Kosovo side informed the European Union member states about its results in implementing the agreed, adding that the EU was satisfied with them.

Speaking about the Community of Serb Municipalities (CSM), he said that “Kosovo’s government tasked a working group with drafting a CSM statute in April. The deadline was August 4, and we still don’t know if the draft was sent to Brussels.”

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