Serbia’s Min: Kosovo-motivated attacks blow to state order

Serbia’s Min: Kosovo-motivated attacks blow to state order Izvor: N1

Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister said on Monday that “all attacks on President Aleksandar Vucic for working to solve the Kosovo issue were resistance to the country’s organisation and introducing order in the state," the Beta news agency reported.

Zorana Mihajlovic said that the attacks came from the so-called opposition, a part of civil society, some soccer supporters’ groups, but also from certain individuals from the Serb Orthodox Church (SPC).”

Mihajlovic, the Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, added that Vucic won a mandate (in the elections) to solve difficult political issues, among which was an agreement with Pristina, because, as she put it, “that is the only way in which Serbia can survive.”

“The children we bring to this world should grow up in a better Serbia, knowing their borders. In Serbia where work, capabilities and technology will be winning tools without arms rattling. We place our trust in President Vucic because we want to make progress, not war,” she said.

Mihajlovic called on the opposition to apologise to the people for “taking the economy to a bankruptcy” and for the policy that led to Kosovo “being so far from Serbia today.”

She also warned a part of the SPC that was opposing Vucic’s decisions (on Kosovo) that they “well know that attacks on Vucic reduce the possibility for the Serbs to remain in those territories."

"Who would you hold church services for? You only harm Serbia with those attacks.”

Mihajlovic asked the unspecified NGOs in Serbia how was it possible that their economic interests were more important than the way the Serbs in Kosovo lived, alluding to the government’s repeated claim that the NGOs were financed from abroad to work against Serbia’s interests.  

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