Serwer: Change of Kosovo border will open Pandora box

Serwer: Change of Kosovo border will open Pandora box Izvor: N1

Daniel Serwer, a professor of the Johns Hopkins University, told N1 that speculations about the division of Kosovo did not draw attention in Washington, warning that the possible change of Kosovo’s borders would open Pandora’s box for the West Balkans, but also other world countries.

Serwer told Today live show that, if Serbia and Kosovo want to be democratic countries and members of the European Union, he could not see why the minority groups would not stay where they were – within the existing borders.

“Changing the borders would lead to instability in Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in other parts of the world, i.e., Ukraine and Georgia," he said.

Serwer added that "the US and EU share a good policy when it comes to the border change (…) the integrity of the countries and not changing the frontiers”.

Commenting on the statements of Serbia’s Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic, that the new administration in Washington was changing the view on Serbia and Kosovo, Serwer said that he did not t think there had been any changes and that Washington was listening to both Belgrade and Pristina.

He added that Dacic’s efforts to persuade some countries to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo had a harmful impact on Serbia’s politics and on the good faith for the dialogue with Pristina.

"If you’re talking with Pristina on an equal level, then you have to act as equals,” he said.

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