First report on NATO bombing consequences in 2020

First report on NATO bombing consequences in 2020 Izvor: N1
Aleksinac bombardovanje

Serbia’s parliament Commission for investigating the aftermath of the NATO 1999 bombing of the country said on Monday its first report should come out in 2020, the Beta news agency reported.

The head of the Commission Darko Laketic told the Politika daily that the probe into the effects of the depleted uranium from the ammunition NATO used in 78 days of the campaign to halt Belgrade’s oppression of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo would start by the end of August or an early September in Serbia’s southern town of Vranje.

 In a months or so, Laketic said the experts “will go to Vranje for the first time to determine how the depleted uranium is affecting human health and the environment.”

He believes that the first preliminary report will come out in 2020 because the documents “we received from the Italian parliamentary commission (about the effects the depleted uranium had on Italian soldiers who were in Kosovo in 1999) are handy.”

Laketic adds that the Commission, in cooperation with the Ministry for Environmental Protection, will ask the European Union for help in addition to the support from the Italian commission.

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