US envoy: Kosovo to focus on its goals

US envoy: Kosovo to focus on its goals Izvor: Printscreen

The US ambassador to Pristina refused to either confirm or deny that Kosovo partition was on the table, telling the KTV Pristina television he would not discuss elements that could be a part of a final deal between Belgarde and Pristina.

Speaking to the TV’s political show Rubicon late on Thursday, Greg Delawie did not repeat his statement from December that American stand on the division of Kosovo was the red line in their policy in the region.

Asked if he ruled out the partition, the envoy said: "The other questions you ask relate to the elements of a final deal, and I’m still not going to get at those right now for the reasons I’ve already mentioned. I am saying that I’m not going to talk about what an element of the final deal will be..."

Delawie added that Kosovo should determine its goals.

"I think Kosovo is facing a unique moment in its history when it can help determine what the future is going to be for Kosovo, for Kosovo’s children, and to put aside the nervousness, the tension, the controversy that has characterised the relationship between Kosovo and Serbia these last several years, " he said.

And added: "I think it’s important to focus on how to make the future better for all of Kosovo’s citizens, for Serbia’s citizens as well, and to find out a way to get to this normalisation that we’ve been working on for a long time." The partition of Kosovo has so far been officially taken off the table by the international community since no Pristina politician said they would accept that.

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