MP: Elections if people say no in Kosovo issue popular vote

MP: Elections if people say no in Kosovo issue popular vote Izvor: Screenshot

The head of Serbia’s Parliament Kosovo Committee said that a final stage of Belgrade – Pristina dialogue was approaching and that the diplomatic activities should increase, adding that Serbia would not allow Kosovo to become a UN member.

Milovan Drecun, of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), added that the final status discussion demanded a new format of negotiations.

He said that if the talks included the final status of Kosovo and not only the normalisation of relations, they should  take a different format because “I’m not sure any more than the European Union has the power, capacity and authority to end it.”

Drecun said that the red line which Serbia would not cross regarding Kosovo was to recognise “the self-declared state as it is, treat it as a neighbouring country and allow it a seat in the UN,” adding that a legally binding agreement could not cover all those issues.

But, he said, “in the days ahead, the dialogue should strengthen and turn into permanent negotiations.”

Drecun said that Belgrade should turn more to the US which has leverage over Pristina and to the five EU member states that did not recognise Kosovo’s independence.

Speaking about a possible referendum on Kosovo, he said that if a solution with Pristina were found, “the most democratic way would be for the citizens to say if that solution was good.”

If the answer would be no, Drecun believed the current authorities should bear responsibility.

"In that situation, the will of the people should be tested in the elections,” he said, asking “how would you implement something to what the population said no?”

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This guy belongs to those tags that we hoped would never ever have to lay our eyes on again. There are others too such as the wife of Milosevic who is in Russia and Dacic and the guy who is in charge of the gas business, whose salary is abnormally high. Unfortunately, here they are again and again appearing on TV and telling us what to do. He is not only tellings us what to think, but what has to be done if Kosovo were to become a permanent member of the UN. What he is actually saying is what Russia wants.

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