Man called ‘Serbian swine’ wins lawsuit against Swiss Air

Man called ‘Serbian swine’ wins lawsuit against Swiss Air Izvor: FABRICE COFFRINI / AFP

Belgrade High Court ruled on Thursday against the “Swiss International Airlines” for discriminating and unfoundedly banning from flight Bojan Mark Lens, a well-known plastic surgeon and a researcher in skin cancer treatment.

Lens sued the company in 2015 after Swiss Air had repeatedly ignored his complaints about being insulted by flight attendants and instead banned him from boarding a plane twice.

The verdict said the problems started in March 2011 when the cabin crew chief on a Zurich – Belgrade flight called Lens a “Serbian swine.”

A company representative Dorit Rosenberg said later she had heard about that and "jokingly" told Lens he did not look like a pig, but "you are definitely a Serb."

During 2013, Rosenberg gave many insulting remarks about the Serbs, calling them lazy, stupid, adding they should not travel at all.

The court fined the Swiss Air with over 4,000 Euros in damages, while the trial cost was 1.600 Euros.

The court also ordered the company to publish the verdict in the Belgrade Politika daily. The 12-page notice cost the company 18,000 Euros without the VAT, bringing the total amount to almost 25,000 Euros.

"It is possible that an ordinary man wins against a big company,” Brankica Jankovic, Serbia’s Commissioner for Protection of Equality said.

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