Belgrade court releases suspect in high-profile murder case

Belgrade court releases suspect in high-profile murder case Izvor: Tanjug/Dimitrije Goll, Privatna arhiva

The Appeal Court ruled on Thursday to release a murder suspect from the custody he has been in since last September after the defence lawyers said their client was detained for too long without charges brought against him.

In a high profile murder investigation, Zoran Marjanovic was suspected of killing his wife Jelena Krsmanovic in April 2016.

The initial indictment for the first-degree murder was not supported by enough evidence and the Higher Prosecutors’ Office brought new charges based on an additional investigation.

The second indictment, also for the first-degree murder, has not yet been confirmed so the court released Marjanovic for the time being.

He denies charges. If found guilty, he faces 10 to 40 years in jail.

The murder drew enormous public attention since Jelena was a folk singer and her husband was arrested after leaving a favourite reality show, a year and a half after the killing.

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