Serbia needs to help women become more independent

Serbia needs to help women become more independent Izvor: N1

Serbia has to do more to give women more economic power and lower their dependence on others as part of efforts to prevent domestic violence, a government minister warned on Thursday.

“A lack of independence and dependence on others is one of the risks that leads to domestic violence and everything that we are fighting against. Domestic violence is a crucial sensitive issue in society and we have to talk about it more,” Labour, Veterans’ and Social Affairs Minister Zoran Djordjevic said during a visit to a safe house in the town of Pancevo.  

A ministry press release said that the Serbian authorities are trying to set up as many safe houses as possible to provide safe havens for the women who need them.  

“The position of women in Serbia is already at an enviable level and the job of the government is to raise that level higher which I believe we will do,” the minister is quoted as saying.

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