Serbian police seize drugs and firearms

Serbian police seize drugs and firearms Izvor: MUP Srbije

The Serbian police has seized large amounts of drugs, firearms, ammunition and explosives and arrested 45 people in separate operations over the past few days, the Internal Affairs Ministry (MUP) said on Tuesday.

The police seized more than 23 kilograms of various types of narcotics and dismantled a marijuana production laboratory in the city of Kragujevac and a cannabis oil laboratory in Belgrade, the press release said, adding that 35 people had been arrested on drug-related charges.

The police seized 28 rifles, including four assault weapons, 27 handguns and more than 3,000 rounds of various types of ammunition, arresting 10 people on fire-arms charges.

Police officers also seized almost 3 kilograms of explosives, the press release said but did not specify the type.

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