Serbian politician says opposition can’t win

Serbian politician says opposition can’t win Izvor: N1

Former Democratic Party (DS) leader Bojan Pajtic said that the Serbian opposition should consider a boycott of parliament and elections since it cannot win against President Aleksandar Vucic at this time.

Pajtic said the political, financial and other necessary conditions are not in place, adding that the opposition must first fight for freedom before it can fight for power.  

“It makes no sense to take part in elections or sit in parliament if that proves to be counter-productive. In the current circumstances, there is no reason to give the regime legitimacy. Election fraud is increasing and the conditions needed for the opposition to operate are increasingly difficult. The regime controls all of society, there is no democracy and this is not a fight for power but for freedom, a normal environment for elections,” Pajtic said on the N1 Novi Dan morning show.  

He said that a solution for Kosovo is the primary condition for President Vucic to remain in power. “Kosovo is the condition of all conditions for him to remain in power. Serbia’s problem is that he is a blackmailed man. He is someone who delivers in order not to be delivered,” Pajtic said, adding that the European Union is tolerating the mistreatment of the media, destruction of the opposition and crime in Serbia but is demanding something in return from Vucic.

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