Serbian opposition leader, government supporter clash

Serbian opposition leader, government supporter clash Izvor: N1

A verbal clash broke out between members of the opposition Movement of Free Citizens (PSG) and the pro-government head of an organization of missing persons at a protest in front of the Serbian President’s offices.

Simo Spasic, head of the Association of Families of Serbs Kidnapped and Killed in Kosovo, clashed verbally with PSG leader Sasa Jankovic before the police separated them.

This was the fourth PSG protest in front of the presidency building. Jankovic and PSG members carried a banner asking: Who Killed Oliver Ivanovic (the Kosovo Serb political leader gunned down in front of his offices in Mitrovica in January).

Spasic was also carrying a banner with a number of questions for Jankovic, including why he said nothing when EULEX arrested Ivanovic and claiming that the PSG leader is friends with Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj and President Hashim Thaci.

Spasic told reporters after the PSG left that Jankovic is trying to stop the newly-formed Special Chambers from investigating and trying Kosovo Liberation Army members.

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