Even one metre of Kosovo is a gain, president says

Even one metre of Kosovo is a gain, president says Izvor: Tanjug/Filip Krainčanić

Serbia would benefit from gaining even “one metre” of Kosovo now when it has nothing there, President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic said on Saturday in Donji Banjani village, near the central Serbia’s town of Ljig.

The president said he was criticized for the Brussels dialogue (between Belgrade and Pristina) by those “who set the border between Serbia and Kosovo.”

Belgrade-Pristina dialogue is a series of the EU-facilitated talks between the governments of Serbia and Kosovo. Serbia claims Kosovo as its southern province under the UN administration, rejecting its independence, while Kosovo considers Serbia its neighbouring state.

Vucic said the current government is fighting to gain everything possible for its people and the state.

“Everything that they lost, getting one metre is a gain because now we have nothing. Citizens should trust its leadership which works day and night on that issue. Today we are not completely ruled out of that, and until 2012 they had waited for us to put our signature on the independence that was given to Kosovo,” Vucic stressed-

He assessed that the internal dialogue on Kosovo “absolutely succeeded” although there were different opinions, even “offences”, which proved that the talks were free and democratic.

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