Opposition denies organizing fuel protests

Opposition denies organizing fuel protests Izvor: N1

Serbian opposition leaders denied claims by the authorities that they are behind the protests over high fuel prices across Serbia, Belgrade daily Danas reported in its Wednesday edition.

Opposition leaders Dragan Djilas and Vuk Jeremic denied that they organized the blocking of roads and intersections in Serbia over the latest rise in fuel prices but added that they fully understand and support the demands of the protesters.

Djilas, founder of the Alliance for Serbia opposition group, said “the regime headed by [Serbian President] Aleksandar Vucic is showing its weakness and lack of understanding for the population”. “Vucic and his spokesmen do not understand what a civic protest is because they were never on that side”, he said.  

 “The Serbian President [Vucic] can but won’t lower the excise duties on fuel”, Popular Party leader Vuk Jeremic said and added that “Vucic’s love of being the figure of an all powerful leader” is the reason why he won’t lower fuel prices. “The Popular Party did not organize the protests and if it had it would not hide the fact,” Jeremic said.

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