Serbia’s opposition leader: Vucic won't solve Kosovo

Serbia’s opposition leader: Vucic won't solve Kosovo Izvor: N1

The leader of the opposition Movement of Free Citizens said on Tuesday that undemocratic regimes in Belgrade and Pristina could not solve problems like Kosovo.

Sasa Jankovic told N1 Pressing talk show that only democratic authorities honestly willing to deal with it could reach a solution.

“One cannot expect (Serbia’s President Aleksandar) Vucic to settle the Kosovo problem… He is now looking for a chance to say he is not responsible; it wasn’t me, foreign countries did it,” Jankovic said.

He has added he believes that the now opposition parties in Serbia will have to deal with the issue when they come to power.

“This team will not be in power for long. He (Vucic) has to sign something by the end of the year, but the signature won’t solve the problem. It is solved when people feel relaxed,” Jankovic said.

He added Serbia could not wait long for that to happen.

“We cannot block Kosovo in its international progress because people live there, both the Serbs and Albanians and we must wish them well,” he said, adding the membership in the international organisations did not mean formal independence.

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